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Bliss felicity

Air purifier

Air purifier

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Size: 196 * 110mm
Material: PP + Iron

1. Connect the matching 24v-0.5a adapter with the DC base of the aromatherapy humidifier;

2. Take up the top cover of the aromatherapy humidifier and fill the water tank with a maximum of 90ml-100ml pure water (i.e. at the max water level);

3. Press the left time button on the aromatherapy humidifier and start the work of the aromatherapy humidifier. The corresponding green LED working indicator lights up (the wetting time can be pressed first times: automatic spray, second times: 1 hours, third times: 3 hours fourth times: 5 hours fifth times: close the spray), at the same time, the fog begins to fog.

5. The key on the right is the night light function indicator. Press the first button to automatically change the light, the second button to set the light, and the third button to red light, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue, light green. Turn off and cycle in turn.

5. The product has the function of automatic power-off in case of water shortage. When there is no water in the water tank, the atomizer will turn off the power supply.

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